Thursday, May 1, 2008


Even though the actual Salt Aire TT was cancelled this evening I went out and raced the course on my own. There were a handful of other guys too, most on tt bikes. I'm not sure if they missed the announcement or just wanted to get in a solid effort but it was fun seeing other riders on course. Bob was also in the neighborhood, though he chose to do his interval into the wind instead of doing the official out-and-back. Good thing too because it would have been depressing to know how badly he would have beaten me!

I actually feel good about my ride and rate it about equal to my previous attempt where I did an 18:21. Without a cone at the turnaround I had to slow down well in advance of the marker to be sure I didn't miss the spot. I also had to start myself which isn't a big deal, but having somebody hold your bike allows you to have both feet clipped in, as well as adding a PRO feel to the amateur tt experience. My average heart rate tonight was 177 which is 5 bpm less than before. After a couple of days off the bike due to life and weather it felt good to suffer tonight.

Next up: ICUP #3: 5 Mile Pass on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Nice effort in non-ideal circumstances.

Instead of riding, I went to Bajio with the fam. Mmmmm, lime chicken chimichangas.

good luck at 5-mile. I'm shooting for an afternoon 40-50 miler to fry myself ahead of the triathlon.