Thursday, January 10, 2008


While I have yet to venture out and ski at a resort I did take some baby steps tonight by putting on my boots and stepping into my bindings. I also verified that my ski bibs still work even though they are size XL. Thank goodness for velcro adjustment at the waist and shoulder straps! One issue I did have was getting my feet into the boots. The problem may have been caused by their temperature (they have been stored on a shelf in the garage so were cold) but whatever the reason it took me a good 2-3 minutes to force my feet in. Is it normal to struggle putting boots on? I remember having the same difficulty years ago when I skied with some regularity. Once my feet are seated in the boots everything feels great but getting there is a royal pain in the !#$. I've been unable to locate my old poles and goggles so those items are now on my shopping list. On the way home from work tonight I popped into the Sandy REI where a salesman showed me the new style of trigger straps which looked very cool. Another thing I should probably do is adjust the release setting on my bindings since I'm probably 30-40 pounds lighter than when I last skied.

Has anybody tried Alta's Ski Free After 3 deal? You only have access to the Sunnyside chair and all of the available runs are either green or blue but since it's been so long since I last skied I'm thinking it might be a good way to start.


Forrest said...

Alta are snow racists, dont go there!

Anonymous said...

free is good!

Piotrek said...

Alta rocks! No snowboarders rocks! Free skiing after 3 rocks! Realistically you can't get more than about 4 runs. Wife and I do it all the time though 'cause it's already after my weekend ride.