Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In search of good karma?

Look no further. Whoever drops the first greenback into this jar is going to hit the karma jackpot. If you want some it's yours for the taking at the Avenues Bakery on South Temple.

The veggie quiche is good too.


Unknown said...

Do cashiers, rather than waiters and waitresses, really work for tips?

I also think serving me like you want a good tip will bring you lots of karma as well as a good tip.

I liked it better when it was Boston Market. I ate there a few times back in the long, dark days of Med School.

KanyonKris said...

(Warning: Crotchety rant ahead!) Tipping is out of control. What started as a way to reward exceptional service (going above and beyond) is now an expectation. And in some instances, like the tip glass by the cash register, it's real close to begging. Below their Post-It that says "Tipping Is Good Karma" I'd like to add my own note saying "Guilting people into giving you money, is bad karma".