Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Afternoon at Alta

This afternoon I spent 4 hours at Alta enjoying the snow, blue sky and sun with my brother-in-law. He's a Lieutenant in the US Army who, after 10 months in Iraq, is enjoying the last week of his 20 day leave. All of his ski gear is at home in Washington so he's renting equipment and shredding in his Army issued foul weather camo. And when I say shredding I'm being serious which was a surprise as I'd figured that after close to a year of living in the desert he'd be a bit rusty. Speaking of which, my skills were lacking today and I spent most of my time on the blue squares accessible via the Sugarloaf, Supreme and Collins lifts. As much as I dig Alta, one thing their lifts lack are the foot rests so common at other resorts. I'm sure that wasn't the reason my quads were burning mid-way down each run but man, being able to take the weight of my skis/boots off my legs on the lift would have been a welcome relief!


Anonymous said...

best ski day of the far as sunshine goes!

UtRider said...

Yes, it was a fantastic day. I don't know how you ski as many days/week as you do. I was only up for the afternoon and my legs are SORE. I consider myself to be in good shape but man, skiing is a workout!

Unknown said...

simple, you just don't spend enough time on the trainer.

Of course, I've never been on skis, so my advice is pretty much worthless