Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vuelta de Espana Podium Contest

Give me your picks for the podium of the 2007 Vuelta and the person with the most points wins a 6-pack of their choice. If the chosen beverage is alcoholic in nature I will need to see ID. :)

Submit your entries via a comment to this post no later than Monday, September 3rd. Points will be assigned for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (3,2,1) for a total of 6 points. The person with the most points wins. Only one entry per person. An anonymous comment can't win. In the case of a tie the person who submitted their team first wins. Good luck!


Piotrek said...

Well, you might as well give it to me now.

1. Doper
2. Doper
3. Alleged doper
4. Clean rider*
5. Former doper (AKA doper)

I know Fox will pick the same riders so I wanted to be first.

Forrest said...


Danielson, Garate, Menchov

They all dope, just have not been caught yet, especially the disco boys!

Unknown said...

I'll take a stab:
1 Menchov
2 Pereiro
3 Sastre

Forrest said...

Also for the record the Vuelta usually sucks! No massive crowds and the race course usually is hot and barren. I say axe the 3 week version and make it a 10 day stage race. Also half the field is prepping for worlds and drops out the second week. BORING!! Why race if you are not going for anything but miles on the legs. Stay home and train.

UtRider said...


I enjoy the Vuelta because it's so low key. Sure, some guys drop out in anticipation of Worlds but who cares? This is a race for the Spaniards and the young guys trying to prove their worth as grand tour riders.

Plus, I was 3rd in the 2006 Fantasy Vuelta run by Cyclingnews and won some cool prizes. How can I not like the race after it was so good to me!

Forrest said...

Who were your picks that year?

Forrest said...

You may have a point about the Vuelta after the debacle in the Tour de France this year.

Forrest said...

Also state your picks for this years Vuelta.

UtRider said...

You can see the details here (just copy & paste the link into your browser):

Forrest said...

Also I am bitter you beat in the Hornet's TDF contest. So close.

UtRider said...

As the contest sponsor & judge I wouldn't want to influence anybody's team selection by posting my personal predictions!

B-Horn said...

1. Evans
2. Periero
3. Beltran (that's right)

4. Sastre
5. Danielson's coming out party...