Saturday, August 4, 2007

Millcreek Date

I can't get enough of the upper Millcreek Canyon trails. This afternoon Cami and I dropped the kids off at Great Grandma's house and headed up for a fun 2 hours of riding. After the rain we've had this week the trails were in top notch condition. We headed up Big Water to Great Western and rode up to the Canyons overlook. I gave Cami the choice of riding the Ridge Connector to Mid Mountain, riding up the Crest for a while or returning to Big Water and climbing to Dog Lake. She chose the latter so we dropped down and rode up to Dog Lake.

It was a nice change to ride these trails at a relaxed pace as it gave me a chance to finally take some pictures. Given how little Cami has been on her mountain bike so far this year she rode really well. Her descending is still slow and tentative but she climbed like a champ. I know it took me a good year before I actually started to enjoy riding my mountain bike down the trail.


Team Rico said...

Sounds like you have the Millcreek hook firmly lodged in your upper me!

Piotrek said...

Sounds awesome! I'm definitely trying it later this month.