Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A bad day up Millcreek is still a good day

Too bad Fox couldn't join us tonight as I was doing my best to shred the downhill and would have been interested in his feedback to see if I've improved any since May. I was struggling on the climbs so figured I might as well try to go fast on the downs. For some reason I just felt weird tonight: Upset stomach, sideache, fuzzy head. I think it's due to either allergies and/or stress from work but regardless, it was still fun riding the trails. Like I said in the title, a bad day up Millcreek is still a good day!

Kris invited a friend from the racing team, Todd Nuemarker and man, that dude is fast. Here's a perfect summary of the ride: I led out on the trail to Dog Lake. Todd had never ridden Millcreek before so we wanted to give him the grand tour. I should note that Todd had ridden his bike up Millcreek on the pavement and met us at the upper parking lot. Anyway, I'm riding the middle ring, feeling pretty satisfied with my effort, heart rate is probably in the 160's, when Kris and Todd start talking about HR monitors. The conversation naturally shifts to our current heart rates where I discover that Todd is rolling at 122. Yeah, he's chilling at 122 while I'm busting it in the 160's. That was demoralizing to say the least. So we do a quick lap around Dog Lake and then drop Little Water to Great Western. At this point Todd rolls into the #1 position and 30 seconds later I'm all alone. So I make my may to the Canyons Overlook and regroup with the guys. On the way down I take the lead and do my best to impersonate a Fox (right - like that's possible!). At the intersection with Little Water I turn right and go for it. For me that section of trail was redemption for how sucky I'd felt on the ride. When we got to our car Todd stopped for a minute to chat and then kept riding down the canyon. Did I mention that dude is fast? And strong? He currently races Expert at the ICUPs but I wouldn't be surprised to see him lining up with the Pros at some point.


Forrest said...

Just remember heart rate values should be taken in relation to the maximum heartrate. My max heartrate is only around 185 while some of my friends are around 210. So going 160bpms for you may be the same as someone elses 140bpms.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Definately. I think a lot is genetic as well. My absolute max is 180, which I have only seen once just blip on my monitor during a race (Porcupine Hill Climb), then I blew up. Also the desparity in performance between a "good" day and "bad" day can be huge for any rider.