Saturday, August 18, 2007

Millcreek Triple Date

Millcreek trails are always sweet but tonight, after a pair of morning and mid-afternoon thunderstorms, in the cool evening temperatures, they were absolutely amazing. Conditions were perfect: Damp and tacky with no mud. The ride split up on the way to Dog Lake with the boys leading the way. We were riding easy, chatting and enjoying the trail as the women did the same a few minutes back. At Dog Lake we sent the ladies back down Big Water while the guys took Little Water and Great Western back to the intersection with Big Water. After regrouping we decided to head up Great Western. Craig and I kicked it up a few notches and cruised up to the Canyons overlook. Mike, who had set a new PB at the Snowbird Hillclimb this morning, rode this section with his wife while Cami and Kim climbed together. On the way down we spread out with Cami and I bringing up the rear. Cami, while still tentative, descended much better than she did 2 weeks ago which was a good thing as the light was fading quickly. We hit the parking lot around 8:15 after a fun descent in the shadows. I think Team Rico's on to something with his Millcreek night rides. Anybody have any light recommendations? I imagine the trails take on an entirely new dimension when ridden after sundown.

Many thanks to Great Grandma for keeping the kids well entertained while we were up the canyon. For sure they had as much fun as we did!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Happy birthday to Art. Nice to see someone who can still humble the young guys with his full repertoire of bike gaming skills. Road, mountain or cross, he can mix it up with the best. Well, when he keeps the longboard in the closet that is!


Art said...

Thanks brotha. The bike game is the only game worth playing. See you on the cross course.

Anonymous said...

your trail report makes me salivate. Must ride good single track.