Thursday, August 23, 2007

Like a hot knife through butter

Well, to be honest climbing Butterfield Canyon this evening with Warren felt more like sticking a hot knife in my legs. That climb is tough! It was funny because all day I'd been dreading the 1/2 mile section of switchbacks where the grade hits 14%. However, that section seemed much easier than I remembered yet the final stretch of climbing at 7-8% seemed much longer and more difficult than I anticipated. Overall the climb went well and it was fun riding with Warren. That guy is strong and fast both up and down. While I was riding the brakes all the way down the narrow, rocky, sandy upper section he was just ripping it. You'd have thought he was on a mountain bike given how fast he was going over the poor road conditions! I felt a bit silly as he had to wait for me at least 3 times on the descent and on the second half my high gear of 50x12 resulted in my spinning out a few times. It was a fun ride and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather. Pictures were taken by Warren at the top.

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Utah Mnt biker said...

I thought just the opposite, I was having more trouble after the middle section. I did skid in a couple of spots so I probably should have been a little more conservative on the dh but it was a great ride and I'm looking forward to hitting the cottonwoods after LOTOJA.