Saturday, January 27, 2007

Owned by a Frozen Hog

I rode 3 laps of the Frozen Hog race course this morning and got worked over. Thanks to Kris, Yamabiker, Warren, Steve and company for their patience! My legs felt great and I rode the doubletrack climb well but everything else was weak, weak, weak. Of course, I don't think my strength will ever be frozen, rutted mud with a nice layer of ice in the tracks but still, I should be able to ride faster than a hiker don't you think?! Out of the 3 laps I don't believe I rode any cleanly, but luckily I only went down once thanks to a slippery patch of ice on a left hand corner. Overall it was a fun ride and after 3 weeks indoors on the trainer the fresh - albeit polluted - air felt great. My main goal for 2007 is to ride with groups (both on the road and dirt) so that I can learn from their experience. It's amazing how significant of a gap good technical skills can open up over the course of a 2-3 mile lap.

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