Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On the Trainer Again

After 3 days off the bike I hit the trainer this morning for a session of building intervals. I completed 2 sets (9x3) with no recovery in between. In a nutshell the workout looks like this: Warm up for 10 minutes then shift into the big ring and go for 3 minutes, shift up a gear and go for 3 minutes, shift up again and go for 3 minutes, shift down and go for 3 minutes, shift down and go for 3 minutes then repeat and cool down. My average heart rates for the nine 3 minutes intervals looked like this: 144, 155, 169, 164, 154, 161, 176, 168 and 162. Total trainer time was 45 minutes. I still can't figure out how guys like Team Rico can handle 4.5 hours inside. Guess that's why he's fast and I'm not...

Thanks to Fox I was able to get my new SRAM Rival compact crankset installed this afternoon. When he says that bikes are his life he's not joking. That dude knows how to get it done on and off the trail. It probably drove him crazy watching me slowly put things together but his patience and help were much appreciated. Sly, give me a call when you feel like pizza for dinner. Or, maybe I can bring some out to OP if I end up being in Arizona that weekend!

I stopped by Contender on my way home from work and picked up an SRAM PowerLock for my chain. This evening I removed 3 links from the chain, cleaned it, and put it back on using the PowerLock connector. Finished off the job with an application of Dumonde Tech lube which I'm trying for the first time on the road bike.

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Team Rico said...

you just gotta do it once, keep yourself entertained and dont watch a clock unless your timing short intervals, then its no big deal. It will make you appreciate 60 and sun!!