Saturday, January 6, 2007

Long, Sport and Technical Tracks

Rode the long, sport and technical tracks (in that order) at McDowell Mountain yesterday morning with my brother. Where it took Cami and I 1:20 to complete the long loop my brother and I hammered it out in 46:40. The technical track had two drops before each of the steep downhill sections. The first was probably 1.5 feet where we hit it which wasn't too bad. The second was bigger but you could take a narrow line around the perimeter to avoid the drop which is what we did. A narrow, rocky climb was the only other truly technical obstacle which didn't prove too difficult. Of all the trails I rode this week the long loop at McDowell was my favorite. It's going to be a tough transition to return home to the freezing temperatures and snow. However, my legs need a break after 6 consecutive days of riding. I can't imagine enjoying Arizona in the summer but as far as the winter goes it is the place to be.

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