Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Yesterday was a record tying day for December in Utah with a high near 60. Unfortunately I found myself at work during the best part of the day and only managed 45 minutes outdoors in the late afternoon. While the wind had picked up and the temperature was falling as a cold front moved in from the north, it was still nice to be outside. I rode out to Bluffdale on 1300 W then jumped on Redwood at 14400 S and headed south to 15000 S where I turned west. I rode that up and then dropped down to 14000 S and home on 1300 W. A short 13 miles but still fun.

This morning I managed 60 minutes on the trainer while watching Pirates II with the kids. Cami, Alder and I went to 'A Christmas Carol' at the Hale Center Theatre in the afternoon. Dickens is a favorite of mine and the performance did not disappoint. After picking Kate up from Great Grandma's we enjoyed an early dinner at the Market Street Broiler. For those with children, they have a fantastic kids menu that includes a drink, small soup or salad, entree and ice cream sandwich for $4.99. A killer deal considering we're talking real, high quality, freshly prepared food instead of the typical preservative laden crap you find on the kids menu of most restaurants.

We're forecast to receive more snow tonight/tomorrow morning followed by 4-5 days of cold and dry weather. However, it's looking like it will warm up to at least 40 for the weekend so keep your fingers crossed that the snow/rain stays away! I picked up some winter socks today (the 20% Contender club discount on socks in December almost makes Assos affordable!) and need to take them out for a ride.

Next week I hope to get my Force brakes & Rival crankset installed with the help of Sly. I'm looking forward to trying the compact out on the climbs in Fountain Hills when I'm down south next month.

Big congratulations are in order to the Utah cross racers who rode strongly at nationals this weekend. For details, check out the Doctor's report here.

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