Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Free Stuff & Sick Yet Again

Some of you will recall my post regarding the Speedplay Zero pedals I won in the Cyclingnews Fantasy Vuelta game that I quickly sold on eBay. Well, today I received the other half of my prize, a pair of Maxxis Courchevel tires. Unlike the pedals, I am planning to use these next year for racing. I've never ridden Maxxis tires so it will be fun to try something new. In 2005 I used Michelin Pro Race tires and in 2006 I used Continental GP4000's. In 2007 I'll use a mix of tires on the following wheels:

Wheelset #1

Velocity Aerohead rims + Ultegra 6600 hubs + DT Competition spokes + Michelin Carbon tires

Notes: This will be my primary wheelset for Hell of the North and secondary wheels for all other races. Last year I raced Bontrager X-Lite Aeros with Michelin Carbon tires at Hell of the North and had zero issues. A tough, durable pair of wheels that I won't worry about tossing in the bed of a race support pickup. I'll use either an SRAM or Ultegra 11-23 cassette.

Wheelset #2

Velocity Fusion rims + White Industries LTA hubs + Sapim CX-Ray spokes + Maxxis Courchevel tires

Notes: Racing/Training wheels. I'll probably use a DA 11-23 cassette.

Wheelset #3

Mavic Ksyrium SL3 + Continental GP4000 tires

Notes: Racing/Training wheels. SRAM 11-26 cassette.

I should also mention that I had to miss work today due to my falling prey to a 24 hour intestinal bug that has been making the round of my immediate and extended family. I was one of the lucky ones and escaped with only a queasy stomach, chills and aches. My food intake started off slow this morning with some apple juice followed by a banana. A few hours later I consumed a small bowl of plain yogurt with homemade granola. After a few more glasses of apple juice and another banana I decided to eat a normal dinner with the family. So far all is well and I'm hopeful I'll be back at it tomorrow morning. My wife and daughter have already done their time with the bug so my son is the only remaining potential victim. Since we're scheduled to leave later this week for Phoenix my fingers are crossed that he'll stay healthy!

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