Monday, December 4, 2006


Stage 17 of the 2007 Giro looks insane. Nothing like a 22% grade to finish off the day. How about a stretch of 3.5 miles at an average of nearly 15%? That is crazy. Check it out:

On Saturday the family and I did a little Christmas shopping before attending Frosty the Snowman at the Children's Theatre of Salt Lake. The show wasn't bad but the shopping was better as I picked up a pair of '07 Specialized S-Works Mountain shoes at Bingham's in SLC. So far the only riding I've done with them has been circles in my garage while I adjusted the cleats but man, I can't believe how good they feel. If they weren't so darn expensive I'd pick up a pair for the road too. Anybody know how I can save a few bucks? If so please let me know. My brother dusted off his old mountain bike this weekend so I may need to follow RB's example and leave the road bike at home when we visit him in Phoenix next month.


Stormin' said...

That would be killer to have some climbing like that here. Maybe I need to move to italy.

Anonymous said...

I just took a look out the window and we have some pretty freakin' epic mountains around.

UtRider said...

"I think I will use a 36x29," confirmed Cunego regarding his gearing for the stage. "I think that will adapt well, even if during the Giro the conditions will be better, because you will be permitted to save the legs. At the top, they can count on many riders being dropped. This will be very important."

Excerpt taken from CyclingNews: