Saturday, December 9, 2006

Good Day

Did a solid 2.5 hours today with Adam and Doug around South Mountain. There was a stiff wind blowing from the south which made the ride out tougher than usual. My legs felt good on the flats and short hills but when we started the climb to Suncrest (from the south) I had nothing. Adam was giving it some gas from the beginning and beat us up by a fair margin. It's funny how quickly I lose what little ability I do have to climb. I just tried to keep it steady and ended up putting in a solid effort for this time of year, averaging 175 bpm for the climb. In fact, with the wind and climb, my average heart rate for the entire ride was in the mid 160's. My least favorite part of the ride was descending from Suncrest to Draper. I get a bit freaked out coming down with my Ksyriums when the wind is gusting. However, one benefit of the wind is that the inversion is finally over and the air is clear. It's nice to be able to see the mountains from my house again.

After the ride I loaded up the family and headed downtown to hang out. We ate a tasty dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then walked to Temple Square to see the lights. We rode TRAX from the Courthouse to the Gateway which the kids loved. On the way home we jumped on the University line instead of the Sandy line so had to walk from the Library to our car parked on Main St. In total we probably walked close to 90 minutes and my legs are now extremely tired!


Stormin' said...

It is very scary to descend down Suncrest with a south wind. I have almost crashed and gone off the road before going like 55mph.

Utah Mnt biker said...

I did an out-and-back up the north side of Suncrest Saturday and the wind made the descent pretty hairy.