Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Check out the goat

For those of you who read my first post, you will have heard of my friend Nathan, whom I began riding bikes with at the age of 14 in Boise, ID. Nathan is a fast rider, much quicker than I am on the bike, especially when the road starts climbing. Currently a Cat 4 who raced for Vanderbilt's Collegiate A team this year while finishing up his PhD, he is now teaching undergrads in Pennsylvania. Given that a professor's life is one of leisure and abundant free time, Nathan has started blogging. Having enlisted the services of a respected cycling coach and purchased a wheelset built around a Powertap SL rear hub, his entries for the 2007 season should be both informative and entertaining. At least that is my hope... I have added a link over on the right, though for those reading this entry you can check it out here.

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goat said...

Awesome posts over there. Thanks for the intro.