Monday, November 27, 2006


Yes, it seems like winter has finally arrived even if it's not official until December 21st. Temps this week will be downright chilly and if all goes as forecast we'll awake to the first valley snow of the season tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately this means that my riding this week will be spent predominantly on the trainer. My wife wanted to be included in the fun this year so I borrowed a second trainer from a friend and set her bike up next to mine in the basement office. So now we can "ride" together. Should be loads of fun. Good thing Sandros has mixed up several hours of quality tunes to help pass the time.

About this time of year Arizona starts to look really appealing. Conveniently my brother lives in Phoenix and I'll be spending a week with the family at his place in January. I'm also planning a solo trip in February to work & ride for a week. I'm lucky that everything I need to be productive at work is available online so with my laptop and my brother's high speed wireless connection I'm in business.

If anybody has St. George connections that they want to share let me know... :)

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Anonymous said...

I know a really nice bridge you can sleep under in St. George.