Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buy T-Bird's Bike

T-Bird is selling his "training bike" for an outrageously cheap price. You can check out the details here but in summary it's a 57 cm Colnago Dream HP with a Star carbon fork built with a mix of Campy Chorus and Record. Competitive Cyclist lists this frame (with the heavier Street carbon fork) for $2,500. T-Bird is selling the complete bike for $2,650 and including a bunch of extra stuff. I was seriously tempted to pick it up for myself as I've been dreaming (no pun intended) about owning an Italian frame with Campy components since I was a kid. Unfortunately it's a bit too small.

In terms of riding, I did another 45 minute session on the trainer this morning that included a 30 minute effort at an average hr of 163. I really should do 2x20's but once I get into it I just want the ride to be over and end up extending the duration of the first interval. I noticed some unused fans at work today so I may borrow one for the next few months. With a little air circulation I should be more comfortable and, hopefully, able to ride longer. Anybody up for an early training camp to St. George? Looks like sun and highs in the low 50's next week!

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Anonymous said...

How many times do I have to say that riding in the cold is what makes you tuff? Tommorrow's high is 25 and the PROvo ride is ON.
And yeah, T.Birkenstocks' bike is a smoker deal. He is going to put the rest of us used bike sellers out of business.