Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Need some new pedals?

So I've been playing Cyclingnews' fantasy cycling games for a couple of years now and finally put together a competitive team for the 2006 Vuelta where I placed 3rd. As a result I won a pair of Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals and Maxxis Courchevel tires. The Speedplays arrived today and I'm still waiting for the tires. Unfortunately, my wife and I ride Time pedals and have no need for the Speedplays. I've listed them on eBay but if you're local we can arrange to meet which will save you the shipping costs. For $150 which includes the cleat covers I think it's a killer deal.

You can buy the pedals here.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my wife and I ride Time pedals and have no need for the Speedplays...

I would try them before making a statement like that.

Speedplay fan since '01.

UtRider said...

Man, where's the love? My statement was completely neutral regarding Speedplays! If I gave you a pair of new Time Impact pedals would you try them? Probably not, given that you are happy with your Speedplays. I'm happy with Time and - this is probably the main reason I didn't try them out - it's a pain to change cleats, especially when they are shimmed. Yeah, I admit to being a little lazy... :)

They sold on eBay in less than 90 minutes so people definitely dig them.

Anonymous said...

Good deal, I will buy them.

Let me know

801-582-1565 ext2168 or after 4:30pm cell 633-3584. I live in Sandy, work downtown and my internet access will not allow me to get into the buy here site.

Thanks, GarconB

UtRider said...

The pedals sold on eBay in about an hour and are no longer available. However, thanks for the interest!