Monday, November 20, 2006

I'll Take It

As far as my riding is concerned today was noteworthy for two reasons:

1) I was on the road at 8am wearing only leg & arm warmers, toe booties, sleeveless base, summer jersey and wind vest. Originally I had planned to ride in the early afternoon but when I checked the temp at 7:45am and saw it was 52 (according to KSL) I decided to do it early. Pretty incredible for Nov. 20 in Salt Lake City.

2) Towards the end of my ride I did the steep 1 mile climb up Bangerter to the Chevron on Highland in Draper. Since I'm still not completely recovered from my cold I didn't want to go into the red so stayed in the saddle and didn't give it full gas. This necessitated riding at a lower cadence than normal but my knee felt fine both during and after the ride. My fingers are crossed that it is (finally!) starting to heal. Shows what a good bike fitting can do. If you don't believe me check out what RB had to say on the subject.

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