Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Managed to get a solid 2 hours in this morning. The weather was perfect and my legs felt good. I rode a loop out Redwood to Camp Williams then east to Thanksgiving Point and back home via 14600 S and 1300 W. I hate the 1/2 mile section of road south of Camp Williams before the turnoff to TGP. For the number of vehicles on the road and the high speed limit (50?) it really needs to be widened.

We're driving to Boise, ID this afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I'm taking the bike and trainer but hope the weather cooperates so I don't need to use the latter. The quantity and quality of home cooked food is really quite ridiculous so I'll need to exercise some serious self control to avoid putting on 5 pounds this weekend.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Les said...

You maybe could put that five pounds to good use!