Saturday, May 23, 2009

Timp Foothill Trails

I've been meaning to ride Kris' home trails for quite a while now and finally made it down this afternoon. It was nice to have a tour guide as I struggled to maintain my bearings - there are a ton of trails in those foothills!

Here's a quick summary of our route taken from Kris' blog:

We went up the Water Tank road, up Betty, up Lament, up Area 51, down the GWT back to the Altar, down Frank, Down Dragon's Back, west on the Union Aqueduct road, up the Race Course and back up to the Water Tank road, then up Betty again, half way up Crank, then down Ireland and Water Tank road then city streets back to my house.

We rode for 2:18 and climbed 2,799 feet. The skies looked threatening the entire ride but never produced any significant rain, thunder or lightening. In fact, the cloud cover provided a welcome relief from the sun and kept the temperature cool & refreshing.

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