Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Place!

No, not me. My daughter finished 1st in her annual gymnastics studio competition this past Saturday. I had considered going to Moab the same weekend but decided to stay and watch her compete instead. Here's a quote from Kate as we drove to Chuck-A-Rama to celebrate her victory (it's her favortite restaurant):

Dad, I bet you're glad you didn't go to Moab since I got first place in my gymnastics competition.

I sure was! Moments like this are a good reminder of where my priorities need to be.

Here are videos of her four passes:

Pass #1
Score: 9.8

Pass #2
Score: 9.2

Pass #3
Score: 9.0

Pass #4
Score: 9.0


Ski Bike Junkie said...

She's going to be landing back flips on skis before you know it. Way to lay the foundation.

Alicen said...

That's my neice and she's amazing!! I can't get over her near perfect form!

29er said...

Way to go Kate!

Anonymous said...

She's a lucky kid to have a great dad.

Brad Mullen said...

I've got to go see my chiropractor after watching that! Incredible, amazing, powerful, fantastic!