Thursday, May 28, 2009

Half Throttle #1

Dang, bike racing hurts!

If I didn't have so much fun I might end my competitive season right now. Call me crazy but I'll be back for more. The Round Valley course is awesome with a nice dirt road climb to spread things out and fast, twisty singletrack to keep it interesting. I had a good start and entered the 1-track in about 5th or 6th place behind Mark A. who pinned it from the line. I stayed close to the front group on the fast tailwind section. Once we started climbing, however, I started to lose contact. It was at this point that Andy passed me and I began to realize that a pre-ride of the course would have been helpful as I had the mistaken assumption that the climbs were short. Because of this I tried to keep it in the big ring which eventually led to a massive blow-up. I suffered for what seemed like an eternity as probably 4-5 racers came around me (including Kris who beat me at the first race of the series last year but never returned to give me a chance to redeem myself - hopefully he doesn't do the same thing this year!) as I struggled to recover. Eventually I pulled it together and rode a good second lap, though I didn't pass - nor was I passed by - anyone.

The kids race is free and they race on some fun, flowy, non-technical singletrack. I'm hoping to get Alder out to give it a go before the venue changes to Solitude.

I scored a pair of Skullcandy Smokin Buds in the raffle which, due to their pretty lavender color, were quickly claimed by my daughter.


KanyonKris said...

Clever title.

I liked the race so I'll probably be back next week. If I were smart I'd call it good and leave on a high note (leave well enough alone).

Yeah, get Alder up there.

Anonymous said...

For a flat course, it was a sufferfest!

Blackdog said...

Why do I want to do this series? Bob crashes, you suffer, some other guy sais it was complete pain? Sounds like so much fun. Kinda like being hazed by Douglas C. Neidermeir. Thank you sir may I have another.

I will be there this coming week. Look for the flaming blueberry.