Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Faceshot


The skiing was excellent at Brighton this morning. Ski patrol had reported 10" of new snow on the board at the base of Milly, but up high it was deeper than that. It took me an hour or so to figure out where I needed to be on my skis in terms of weight distribution (though the skiing was still fun during this trial & error period...) but the 2nd hour was all love as I started to get the hang of riding the deep stuff.

See, today was for all intensive purposes my first real powder day in 12 years. All I can say is that modern mid-fat skis (mine are 100mm under foot which seems to be considered "mid" by todays standards) make a HUGE difference.

The faceshot took place on the Little Milly run. I also had a few face down in the snow moments (as in I found myself face down in the snow after a tumble)!

With all of the new snow comes increased coverage so I've been adventuring out into the Lone Pine and Scree Slope area. I'm still a bit concerned about unintentionally skiing off one of the various small cliffs in the area but am gradually gaining confidence in my ability to make it down in one piece.

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