Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I couldn't resist another morning of fresh snow at Brighton so headed up Big Cottonwood again with David (when I'm skiing with the V.P. it's all good!). There wasn't as much new snow as yesterday but what today lacked in volume was more than made up for in quality. Light & dry.

The more I ski the Prophets the more I like them. After two deep days, however, I am wondering what it would be like to ski something even wider, say 120-130mm under foot? I saw a pair of Prophet 130s yesterday and some Megawatts today. Those babies must be the sweetness when it gets deep!

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

The bigger the ski the less you are in the snow and the more you are on it. So the feeling of being in really deep stuff can be somewhat diminished by riding a huge ski.

That being said, there's a reason so many skiers have a quiver. The huge ski is like your DH bike where you just float fast over everything. Mid fat is like a trail bike. Skinny skis are like a road bike. And let's face it--when was the last time you said "man, that road descent was awesome!"?