Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooked Well Done

5 days

12 hours 26 minutes

105 miles

We decided to start the day off with a refreshing swim in the community pool. There's something cool about swimming outdoors in February - coming from Utah it just seems wrong. Of course, spending the week riding in shorts & a short sleeved jersey is pretty much the same feeling, but at this point I've come to accept it as the norm. Too bad that's about to change... However, I can't be too bummed as the forecast on the homefront looks sweet next week with a few good storms in the queue to freshen the snow. It was fun to ride some dirt for a change of pace but I'm not quite ready to bid farewell to my skis!

This afternoon we headed out to McDowell where I toasted my legs with a fun 3 hour tour of the Park, finishing with just enough light to load the bikes on the rack before turning on the headlights and driving home.

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