Wednesday, February 18, 2009

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

This afternoon I rode with an old friend from college who is now an Oral Surgeon in Gilbert. It's always fun to reconnect with friends you haven't seen in years and after he treated me to the Phoenix Suns game (NBA basketball) last night, I returned the favor by showing him a few of the trails at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

We started with the Sport Track but didn't ride the full loop, choosing to connect to the Technical Track where they intersected. We stayed on the Technical Track until it crossed the Long Track and then rode the Long Track back to the parking area. Ride time was a little over an hour and like yesterday, my legs weren't shy about telling me to slow down anytime the trail started to climb!




StupidBike said...

i believe there are like 2, very short 'hills' there.

UtRider said...

That was funny.

I am using the term "hill" very loosely here. :)

I'm surprised you haven't said "I told you so" yet!

KanyonKris said...

I'll be riding there tomorrow!

Thinair Boy said...

Looks super fun. Some dirt would be nice to play in. Have fun, I'll babysit the Powder while your gone:)

goat said...

Whoa, PETE!

That's pretty sweet you hooked up with Pete. Do you have his email? Please send.