Saturday, January 10, 2009

Solitude Saturday

My legs are smoked after logging 14,800 vertical feet today with Mark A. and my brother, the latter in town to begin preparation for a March trip to Alaska where he'll be playing with helicopters. It works out nicely as he can use my house in Utah as a skiing base camp (though he snowboards...) and I can use his place in Arizona as a cycling base camp.

It should be noted that he and Mark logged a few thousand more vertical than I did as my legs (specifically, my right quad) shut down around 1:30 PM. True to the resort's name, we enjoyed the solitude and never had to wait in a single lift line all day nor share the runs with more than a handful of other skiers/boarders. The only real bummer was that the Summit Lift was a double so we couldn't all ride up together.

I had a few good tumbles, one in the Corner Chute and another in Honeycomb Canyon. I'll be sore tomorrow but all-in-all it was a fun day spent in great company.

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flahute said...

I love Solitude, and was up there myself on Saturday ... althogh I only put in about 10K vert, as I got a late start and left early due to sinus/throat gremlins ... and the wind picking up in Honeycomb wasn't going to help.

Got in two runs through Honeycomb, dropping in a couple different places off the lower traverse around Voltaire. Haven't headed over to Corner Chute yet this season, but from Summit Lift it looks like it's starting to fill in nicely.

Beautiful day until the wind picked up.