Friday, January 16, 2009

Battered & Bruised: Millcreek XC Ski


For those with less than optimal skills on xc skis I would recommend avoiding Millcreek Canyon. Climbing up was fine, though I had my moments where it seemed my skis were coated with grease and wouldn't grip the icy track. Luckily I had poles, otherwise I would have fallen on my face each time they slipped on the uphill climb. Going down, either in the icy track or the equally icy and uneven surface of the center section, there was no way I could avoid hitting the deck. A couple were at speed, and a couple were slow motion affairs, but all seemed to hurt equally as I slammed my hips (two on my left side, two on my right side - at least I was symetrical right?) onto the frozen surface of the road.

This morning I awoke stiff and sore which, even since I began skiing this winter, seems to be the norm. I suppose if I could figure out how to stop falling I'd fare better the morning after but for the near term it looks like I just need to accept the sore shoulders, hips, legs, butt, etc. as par for the course.

It was, however, a fantastic way to spend 90 minutes after work. The air was clean, temperature pleasant, scenery gorgeous and company entertaining. And with 948 feet of earned elevation gain it felt like a decent workout too. I think, however, that I'll hold off on skiing Millcreek again until we get some new snow to soften things up. My old body can take only so many hard landings!


Andy H. said...

MC blows for xc skiing. Since it's all freeway I think Mt Dell is honestly a shorter drive for me than MC and I live right at the base of MC canyon.

UtRider said...

Yeah, I skiied Mountain Dell once last year and had a good time (except for the crazy drop-in). Do they allow night skiing?

KanyonKris said...

I remember we looked at that last year, it takes only 5 minutes or so more to get to Mountain Dell. We should hit it some evening. You in Andy? You can show us your mad skate skills.

And let's do AF Canyon. Little Mill is a very slight incline with one short hill. It's a nice ski. We could also go up to Granite Flat for a taste of touring.

Anonymous said...

My left pole likes to enter the pole free zone between my legs and trip my left leg so I fall flat on my face! Fortunately it doesn't hurt as much as alpine because I'm moving at the speed of a slug.