Friday, January 23, 2009

Rubber Legs

I took the day off work to ride Snowbird with my brother. 22,460 vertical feet later my legs are toast. We spent most of the day doing laps on the Peruvian lift and then did a couple of runs on Gad 2 to finish. The picture was taken at the car after we finished and gives you a feeling for the conditions: Heavy, wet snow with lots of clouds. At times visibility was limited but overall it was a sweet day on pretty dang good snow considering this is the first storm in nearly two weeks.

Again, thanks to Bart, I was able to demo some Bluehouse MRs in the morning and Salomon FOILS in the afternoon. Of the two I prefer the FOILS mainly because they are slightly easier for me to turn (especially on CAT tracks and groomers) and they didn't seem to give anything up in the chop. In fact, they may have been a bit better in the mixed conditions due to their being a bit stiffer. I'm completely sold on mid fat skis and really need to buy a pair for myself. I had no issues keeping my tips up which was a real accomplishment for me given the heavy, wet conditions.

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primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

riding in wet sand 3 hrs a day and mud for 3 in a row will give ya rubber legs. my timing is impeccable