Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fresh Air

If you haven't been out of the valley in a week or more I strongly encourage you to head for the mountains to breathe some clean air, soak up the sun and enjoy the blue sky. It's beautiful up there!

I took the day off work in order to attend Cami's ultrasound at 1:30 but figured that left plenty of time to try out Bart's Salomon FOIL skis he let me demo this week. And while the conditions weren't ideal for a mid-fat ski like the FOIL, I wanted to experience them on a groomer day given my current lack of (or minimal) off piste skills. I was pleasantly surprised with how nicely they turned. They did require a bit more leg to put them on edge (compared to my extremely narrow, old school, Rossignol Rebels) and when not on edge they were a little shifty, but overall I had a great time carving big turns in the soft groomed snow. Hopefully we get some fresh snow this week so I can try them out under proper conditions.

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