Friday, November 28, 2008

Half Bogus

I fell asleep with the kids this afternoon (why is it that I always seem to take a longer nap than the kids?) which resulted in a much later than planned start to my ride. Leaving the house around 3:30 PM - after verifying that the sun would set at 5:08 PM - I headed towards Bogus Basin Road. Given the short amount of daylight remaining and temperatures in the 40's, climbing seemed to be the best option for burning as many calories as possible in the least amount of time. You see, my mom was preparing another turkey dinner since our family had missed out on most of the leftovers due to the Thanksgiving dinner being held at my uncle's home yesterday. I wasn't complaining, but this did mean I was faced with my second turkey dinner with all of the accompanying sides (potatoes, rolls, salad, pie, etc.) in two days, another good reason to suffer on a climb!

The only logistical problem with riding up Bogus so late in the day was the descent. If I climbed until sunset I would be descending in low light conditions, not to mention much colder temperatures. The problem was quickly solved when Cami agreed to drive up and meet me on the road. She took the kids to Camelsback Park to play before starting the drive to retrieve me at 4:45 PM. It worked out perfectly, as she met me at the big pullout about a half mile past the Forest Service sign just as the sun dipped below the western mountains. The sunset was spectacular, which she enjoyed, and I was able to maximize my 90 minute ride with some great climbing followed by a warm descent in the car.

It should be noted that my time to the Forest Service sign was a full 6 minutes slower than my PR set this summer. Initially I felt really good, and actually entertained hopes of recording a good time. However, my legs faded after 25 minutes and I had to shift into my 24. I guess that's to be expected given the probable 6 extra pounds I was carrying up the mountain!

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

Wish I could have had a pickup and avoided descending Emigration on Friday. It was C-O-L-D.