Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Shred

I had to dial back the food consumption slightly due to my only riding 1:47 before dinner. Of course, since I was on the single speed I imagine the total calories burned were higher than if I'd ridden the BMC. Regardless of the exact number, and whether I ended the day with a deficit or surplus (I'm pretty sure the latter applies), it was a sweet ride.

My cousin Brian and I hit the trails by bike while our wives headed out on foot. We had a two hour window in which to ride and managed to cover quite a few trails: Corrals, Trail 4, Sidewinder, Crestline, Red Cliffs, Chickadee and Red Fox were some of what we rode. There were a ton of folks outdoors and everybody was friendly and smiling. It was a nice way to prepare for the gluttony that would soon follow!

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