Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bonus Time: Draper's Corner Canyon

It's hard to believe we're still riding sweet 1-track 2 days before Thanksgiving but I'm not going to complain. I met Kris at the Equestrian Center at 3 pm and we made our way over to Ghost Falls. While climbing up the lower section I snapped this shot of Kris:

Sometimes the pictures I take while on the bike turn out great while others are nothing but a blur of color & motion. Luckily this was one of the former.

As we climbed the road we decided to continue on the doubletrack up to Jacob's Ladder where we were caught from behind by one of the DNA strongmen riding a rigid 29er single speed. As we chatted for a bit and then watched him effortlessly (at least that's how it looked from behind!) climb away from us as the grade steepened towards the top, I wondered if I'd be doing the same thing had I chosen my ss for this ride. Once we started the descent, however, I was glad to have my full suspension bike.

Looking down on the haze in the valley:

After dropping out onto the road we climbed back up to the top of Clark's and bombed down. If any of you cross racers who still have some good form haven't done the Clark's TT now is the time to get it done. The trail is in fantastic condition for a run on your cx bikes. Go do it while you can.

Kris wanted to ride the steps so we did a quick run up to the Gas Line Trail before hitting the jumps and descending back to the cars, finishing with our traditional drop of the stone stairs.

I think 29" wheels are required to make it up these things:


Rick Sunderlage said...

Did you see what kind of bike the DNA rider was on? It's the question I always ask my wife when she doesn't know who she saw.

UtRider said...

It was a rigid Niner.

Anonymous said...

Rick - it was you.

UtRider said...

Anon - I've met Rick so I know it wasn't him. Plus, he has a squishy fork.

Anonymous said...


It was good to ride with you two for a bit. I'm surprised that you didn't catch me on Jacob's down hill. That's not a fun downhill on a rigid bike.

Unknown said...

Ah, it was Tony P. Otherwise known as the mountain goat. The dude can climb.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Tatum is my 8 year old daughter....Yeah, she has a blogger login. That comment was from Rick S.

tp said...

There's only one speed on a single speed .... That's kinda redundant huh.