Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tire Recommendations?

I need to replace the tires on my full suspension BMC before heading to Arizona later this month. Since I won't be racing for a while, I'd like to get a UST or Tubeless specific tire for the extra durability and peace of mind it provides. Right now I'm leaning towards the Continental Mountain King (2.2) or Maxxis Larsen TT (2.0). The Kenda Nevegal (2.1) also looks interesting, though is a bit on the heavy side.

Previously I've used the Continental Speed King (2.3 and 2.1), Maxxis Ignitor (2.1) and Hutchinson Python (2.0) with good results.

What would you buy?


KanyonKris said...

The Mountain King looks like a cross between the Gravity and Vertical - two tires I've really liked. That would be my vote.

I know KDay loves the Larsen TT and has been running it for years, so that's saying something. The close knob pattern is like the Small Block 8 my wife runs and she's loved them. They slip a bit in really loose stuff, but do well in all other conditions (well ,not mud, but it's dry enough around here few people run mud tires).

I hear from lots of riders who love the Nevegal, but when I demoed a 29er with Nevegals it felt like a tank - heaaavy. The UST 26x2.35 is 993g. But the "tubeless" 26x2.10 is only 769g. I assume they are "tubeless ready" which means the tire is a bit thicker but may leak slowly so sealant is essentially required. The tread pattern is similar to the Panaracer Fire XC Pro UST that I'm running on the rear, which is a good tire that climbs like crazy (especially in the loose stuff) but the wide spacing between the center knobs means it's noisy and high rolling resistance on the hard pack and pavement. The Fire also wears fast, but that's because the rubber is soft - not sure how the Nevegal will wear. Not a bad option - I'd be tempted to try it.

Anonymous said...

I love my skinny mtn. kings! By FAR my favorite tire.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I'm running a standard (non tubeless) 2.1" nevegal on the rear of my single speed. I've run 2.35" Nevegals tubeless in the past and never had any problems with durability, including a couple trips to moab and aggressive trail riding (they were on my 6" travel full-suspension bike). Nice tough sidewalls, and they hold air well.

I actually like the 2.1" Nevegal much better, and the non-UST 2.1 weighs just a shade over 600 grams. The 2.1" version won the Mountain Bike Action tire shootout a couple years ago, and my results have been equally positive. It sheds mud well but hooks up nicely in a variety of conditions. I would not bother with the UST version, as the extra weight isn't worth it if you're going to run sealant anyway.

I've never run the other two tires, so I can't say how they compare.

Team Rico said...

You have to add the Kenda Karma to the list. By far my favorite tire. Recommended from a certain local Mona Vie Pro

EthanBazGoulet said...

my dad runs the Nevegal on his single speed in the rear and really likes it, its not light though.. the TT Larsen would be a good one as well... his favorite tire is the Michelin XCR2 dry conditions tire, super supple, light and fast rolling due to its low pro tread design, it does wear fast but doesn't come apart.

Utah Mnt biker said...

I'm running the Ignitors but plan on moving the the Larsen TT based on what Bob and a few other people have said once the Ignitors have worn out.

Anonymous said...

Larsen TT on the rear. Perfect for Arizona. I've been riding the Larsen TT for 2 years.

My new Specialized Captain Control on the front is working out awesome.

If you want a riding buddy for some of your AZ riding action, just let me know.