Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Beat

This evening's ride was a big one. According to my bike computer and Suunto T6, Warren and I ended up with 30.5 miles in 3:25 and 3900 feet of elevation gain. Yeah, I really am tired.

We rode from my office near Trolley Square to the zoo (Gilmer Drive is a sweet climb lined with even sweeter homes) where we met Kris and his wife Jolene. After a nice cruise on the bst, we headed up Dry Creek and over to City Creek. East on 11th Ave brought us to the seemingly never ending grind to the top of Terrace Hills where we climbed some more on doubletrack before (finally!) reaching the mouth of the Bobsled (new entrance). We were surprised to soon find ourselves shredding a small, muddy stream that followed the upper trail but luckily it didn't last long and the rest of the trail was dry. The burms were in great shape and I was hitting them high tonight, enjoying the all too quick downhill run. After descending back down to 11th we rode to Popperton Park where we climbed back up to the bst. The section of trail from Dry Creek to the zoo seemed to involve more climbing than I last remembered but we managed and reached the zoo just as the sun was setting to the west. Warren and I immediately started down Sunnyside, letting the bikes rip the paved downhill. When we hit 800 S we really opened it up, hitting 47 mph on the segment between 1300 S and 900 S. Descending on my mountain bike feels so stable compared to my road bike. Gotta love disc brakes!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was fun.