Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Lap - Hell of the North

Here we are exiting the dirt at the end of lap #1 with Reed leading, followed by the Caveman and myself. I knew the two cyclocrossers would try and mix it up in the dirt so I made sure to stay close. Too bad I didn't go with knee warmers. Is it a coincidence that Reed and Kevin finished 1-2 and both wore knee warmers? I'll know better next year... :)

So what's up with all the flat tires? I've yet to suffer a puncture at HON. This year I didn't even bother with spare wheels. Tempting fate? Probably. But thus far my 25mm Michelin Carbon tires have been fantastic. Of course, having said that, I'll probably flat on every ride for the next month but seriously, what tires are you guys running?

One last thing: Check out the forecast for northern Utah in the sidebar to the right. Is that real? Are we seriously going to hit 79 on Monday? Not that I'm complaining but come on, can't we have a few weeks in the high 60's before jumping to near 80?!

EDIT: KSL has already started their infamous temperature slide. They jack up the long term forecast and then over the course of a few days the high temps are gradually decreased. Nice.


StupidBike said...

maybe you didn't flat cause you weren't trying hard enough ;)

Andy H. said...
NOAA rocks, the local yocal weathermen don't even come close.