Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Soldier Hollow Pre-ride

Today was a good day... It started with a pre-ride of this Saturday's ICUP course at Soldier Hollow. The course is going to be tough, especially since we're looking at close to 90 degrees on Saturday. Today there was a lot of dust which made for some slick climbs and corners. Right from the start you're climbing and that is pretty much the theme of the race. Not until the final miles do you actually get some prolonged descents though the longest is on tight, dusty, bumpy singletrack that requires your full attention. There were two short, steep climbs that caught me by surprise and in the wrong gear so I flipped around and rode them a second time. Given all the climbing I'm not sure how I'll do. Guess that's why we have a race!

After the pre-ride I headed home and had lunch with the girls at the new Market Street Grill. Following lunch I took a nap and then went to Lowes to purchase a new toilet seal. Cami's parents and sister (with her two 1 year old twin boys) came over this evening and my father-in-law showed me how to replace the toilet seal. Our downstairs toilet has been leaking for the past few weeks so hopefully the new seal fixes the problem.

Now I just need to get the kids in bed before LOST starts at 9! One of these days I need to get a DVR so I can record the show and watch it later.

I'm hoping the Phoenix Suns pull off a miracle tonight and beat the Spurs. Unfortunately, Robert Horry is looking like a true MVP candidate after his performance in the last game. The whole situation is crap and if you can't tell I'm not a big fan of San Antonio. It was nice to see Utah finish off Golden State last night. Of course, I went to bed after the first half so didn't actually watch the victory (another good argument for purchasing a DVR). Now let's hope they don't forget how to play ball in the next week while they wait for the Western Conference Finals to start.

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