Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dry Creek for Lunch

Another quick lunch ride today down 11th Ave then up & over to Dry Creek, up to the BST and down City Creek. There weren't many people out which surprised me, given the great weather and cold front moving in tonight. Maybe everybody is planning to ride after work today. Anyway, I had to clip out in order to navigate the two tight switchbacks on the descent into City Creek which was lame. I hate not being able to ride stuff. The next time I'm shredding the neighborhood church parking lot with the kids I should practice coming to a standstill on the bike (in the grass). I've seen videos where guys stop completely and bunny hop around a sharp turn. I'm not sure if those skills are needed for the City Creek switchbacks but I do know I need better balance on the bike.

So my 5-Mile pre-ride may not happen tomorrow if the forecast holds true but I'll wait and see what the day brings before officially calling it off. One bad omen is the fact that my son has a field trip tomorrow which, if his '06 kindergarten experience is any indicator, means the weather will totally suck. Last year his class piled on the bus to visit the SLC Zoo only to flip a U-turn in Lehi (we lived in Payson) due to SNOW! Poor kids had to eat lunch in the bus and visit the BYU Beane Museum instead.

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Anonymous said...

Those two hairpins are tough because of all of the rocks in them. Try going wide to the outside on both and then cutting back -- that seems to work for me on the descent (and I'm certainly no expert). Don't stop though -- keep rolling through.

I still struggle with both of them when I'm coming up that way and usually unclip with a few choice obscenities.