Thursday, May 10, 2007

Draper Trails

This evening was my first riding the network of trails on the bench above Draper. Given how close the trails are to the various neighborhoods I was amazed at how isolated they feel. Of all the trails we rode, Clarks Trail was by far my favorite (both the climb and descent) and Oak Hollow was my least favorite (especially the descent). The latter was just too narrow, sandy and exposed for my limited skills and tolerance for heights. Overall I enjoyed the ride and company of Kris, Steve and Brian. The only thing I would change is the temperature. Lately I feel like a malcontent, or a grumpy old man, always complaining about the weather. So far this year has been all about extremes: Either it's really cold or really hot. Today we hit 87 where 68 is normal. Contrast that to Saturday when we were in the mid 40's with a 20+ mph wind. Insanity.


Dion said...

Did you bring your clubs?

Unknown said...

I should have worn the baggies instead of the lycra shorts. Poor UTRider behind me. Looks like I have the butt of a mule.
Fun ride though!