Thursday, May 31, 2007

Millcreek Pain

After two weeks away from the road bike I felt it was time to show it some love. Unfortunately my body didn't enjoy the ride as much as my bike! It's funny how quickly you adapt to a particular position and style of riding. Today I felt awkward on the road bike and my back is sore where normally I feel that way on the mountain bike. I rode from the office and met Kris at the mouth of the canyon. It was his first time climbing Millcreek on a road bike and as is now quickly becoming standard procedure he made me suffer on the way up!

The canyon was great, cool but not too cold coming down. One thing that always amazes me about Millcreek is the number of dogs on the road/trails. Since leashes seem to be going out of style amongst the dog crowd it was tough to get into a groove descending above the gate as you never knew what you'd find around the next corner. Pretty annoying but what can you do? According to the signs there's a leash law up the canyon but people seem to just ignore it...

I'm still tired so am going to skip Sundance this weekend. I'll pre-ride the Deer Valley course next week and then make a decision whether to race on the dirt or road on the 9th.

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