Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yellow Fork on the MTB

Rode Yellow Fork this morning on the mountain bike. It was a good time even though I could only ride up to the first picnic area due to the recent snow. I ended up just doing four out-and-back laps on the doubletrack for about an hours ride. However, after a week on the trainer I'll take what I can get outside!

I wonder how things went over at the Frozen Hog this morning. I got a text from Fox saying that Bart smoked him but that's all I've heard. Too bad the course didn't have any long, crazy downhill sections for Fox to shred. I could use some of his bike skills. I must have fallen over at least 4 times this morning when I lost my line and my front wheel ended up in the deep stuff. That in addition to the time I attempted to hop over the low metal bar at the start of the doubletrack and stalled out halfway over! Yeah, my skills are lacking... :)

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