Thursday, February 8, 2007

Commuter Special

Today was my first commute to work by bicycle in 2007. Pretty amazing to think I rode in between 9 and 10 am with no gloves on February 8th. My route was a new one for me: 1300 W to 5400 S to Commerce Dr to 3900 S to 900 E. I'd ridden all of the roads before but never as part of the same ride. It was relatively quick at 1:15 total ride time and the traffic was light with the few exceptions being around major intersections. Compared to my average commute of 30-40 minutes by car, riding the bike to work isn't a bad option.

My fingers are crossed that the weather stays dry on Saturday so I can get in one more good ride. After 4 weeks of riding the trainer I was in serious need of a week like this one.

All of you heading south this weekend be safe and don't forget to take (and share!) pictures of your rides.

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