Saturday, December 20, 2008

In-N-Out Meals #1 and #2

Why not double up and eat both lunch and dinner when you have restaurants conveniently located in both Washington City, UT and Kingman, AZ! There's no better fuel for a 700 mile drive than a single hamburger animal style, fries and a diet coke with lemon. One burger for lunch, two burgers for dinner. Even my health conscious wife can't resist In-N-Out, though she prefers her hamburger customized: Animal style, no sauce with ketchup and mustard.

While I'm excited at the opportunity to ride outside, in short sleeves, every day this week, I must admit to being equally excited to eat at In-N-Out on a (hopefully) daily basis!


KanyonKris said...

Did the St. George In-N-Out live up to the standard?

Unknown said...

I'm jealous on two counts:
1: You have bikes on the back of that minivan.
2: You are experiencing fine dining