Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saddle Sore

Ever since the MS87 ride on June 28th I've been fighting with a saddle sore on the right side of my nether regions. Which has pretty much sucked. However, when I remember to use chamois cream before, and shower soon after a ride, it improves. When I don't do those things, well, let's just say it can get ugly. Unfortunately I didn't do either on Tuesday before & after the Solitude race and I'm now paying the price. Yeah, just sitting here on a padded chair typing I can feel it.

What's the secret to making this PIA (literally!) go away?


Anonymous said...

maybe kris can give you a massage???

Or use DZnuts.

But thank for the reminder to take care of my stuff before I do my 120 miles on Saturday.

Aaron said...

I battle the same thing. I'm still trying to get over the Perfect 10 from almost 2 weeks ago. My buddy Chad keeps telling me that the problem is with the shammy cream itself - that it's like crack (no pun intended) cocaine and you need to wean yourself from it, but I'm afraid of going into remission.

Anyway, basically what you have is a giant diaper rash. As odd as this my sound, diaper rash cream works pretty good (A+D zinc oxide). So does Neosporin, which battles the bacteria. Good luck

KanyonKris said...

How does a massage help a sore? Was that supposed to be funny?

FWIW, I don't use any creams. Well, I did for STP because I was paranoid I'd get chaffing or sores if I didn't. But I've never used it for any century. But I have mildly oily skin and I think that does the trick.

I agree with aaron, get something anti-bacterial on there. Better get it under control or Saturday won't be as fun.

UtRider said...

JE - If you really ride another 70 miles after racing 50 I'll buy you another tube of DZnuts. :)

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

to fix it, atrain say go to the pharmacy and get hibicleanse, its a medical grade skin cleaner

for prevention use clean shorts, shower and try different shorts that dont rub in one place.

you probably do this already but i ride in normal board shorts and i never get them, plus i never shower either so who knows.

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm not exactly sure how far the ride back will be, but I am riding back from Coalville via Henefer and Big Mountain.

LOTOJA is not too far away and I need some serious training hours.

Utahmtbiker said...

I work in an O.R. and hibiclense is what we use to prep the skin before we do surgery on it..It can be kind of hard on the skin if you use it to much though..If you need a restock let me know