Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Solitude Full Throttle Series: Race #2

Yeah! I felt good last night and started strong, entering the 1-track climb with the front group of guys. Held it together until the first meadow where the trail narrows and zig-zags up a loose, rocky trench at which point I blew. Andy and Warren took the opportunity to pass and a couple of Canyon guys did the same after we re-entered the trees. I pulled it together by the time I reached the upper pavement and maintained my position on the downhill. On lap 2 I felt much better and passed a guy on the upper road only to have him catch me on the downhill and make the pass just before the finish. However, given that I was caught and passed by a bunch of guys on the dh last week I feel pretty good about only being caught by the one dude tonight. There's still a lot of room for improvement but with practice I should continue to get faster. Speaking of which, my time last night was 56 minutes. That's more than 5 minutes faster than last week! I ended up in 14th place again, though that was out of 24 starters last night vs. 20 the week before.

You can view results here.


Anonymous said...

Nice ride last night! Can't believe the amount of time we shaved off. If we had those times last week we would have been right on Andy's tail. Think we'll ever sneak into the points? Hey, didn't know you guys were at the MS 150. Shelly and I were there too. Somehow we talked ourselves into 100 on day one and another 75 on day two....Whew!

Utah Mnt biker said...

I thought you rode well last night especially the start.

Aaron said...

Good job last night. Shaving 5 minutes off of a 2 lap course is huge!