Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bike Commute Day 4

Ok, so I should probably clarify that about half of my commutes are not round-trip, but rather a ride to work and a carpool home. It works out well, however, since the temperatures are nice and cool in the morning and we get carpool lane access for the drive home.

Today I rode east on 4800 S for the first time and found it a decent road with a nice shoulder. I accessed it via 1300 W and finished the commute on 500 E and 400 E (my office is on the corner of 400 E and South Temple).


Anonymous said...

I kinda like that road, too. How are the side streets crossing under I-80. It looks like they're a war zone and I hesitate to bike commute that way sometimes.

You can also ride to work in the morning, then hop on TRAX in the afternoon and get 4-5 more miles in after hopping off in Sandy.

Speaking of working downtown, have you stopped in to check out the new bike shop on 2nd and 2nd? Might be a good lunch break.

/shameless plug for a friend

UtRider said...

I really like 500 E between 4500 S and 1300 S. It gets a little tight along Liberty Park so I usually cut over to 400 E somewhere between 1700 S and 1300 S. 400 E isn't bad until you reach 500 S afterwhich it gets a little tight too. Not bad, just not as good as it is through the neighborhoods.

StupidBike said...

Plus when you ride by my block, you can yell at me to wake me up