Thursday, December 6, 2007

South Mountain: National & Desert Classic

Today's pace was significantly faster than the previous three days given that Kris is now in town. Luckily he didn't go too crazy knowing he has a couple more days to ride and my legs were able to keep the gaps respectable! We knocked off National first, riding it as an out-n-back from the Pima Canyon trailhead, up Mormon to National then on to the Buena Vista parking lot. We then flipped a U-turn and rode National all the way down. Feeling hungry after completing the ride we ripped over to In-N-Out burger for a quick lunch followed by another hour on the Desert Classic trail. This is a sweet ride, with tons of big ups and downs as you drop in and out of washes. Super fun. The scenery is a bit sparse during the first 1-2 miles but once you distance yourself from the neighborhoods the visuals get really good. Check out the pictures and start planning your trip south. Arizona is the place to be in the winter!

Mormon - National Trail (check out Kris shredding the Waterfall - going up!)

Desert Classic (also includes the leading photo)

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